Why do edible fungus greenhouses need to be dried once a year?

The sun shed is a very important measure in the cultivation of edible fungi, which can effectively reduce the pollution caused by the environment in the next production.
However, there are some mushroom farmers who do not have a drying shed every year, some are unable to do so for some reason, and some do not pay enough attention to it and think that it is not necessary to have a drying shed.
Why should the greenhouse for edible fungi be dried once a year?
First of all, it is determined by the cultivation method of the greenhouse.
Edible mushroom greenhouses are prone to various pollution and fruiting diseases during the growth of fungi, especially during fruiting.
These miscellaneous fungal spores mixed in the soil cannot be treated by chemical disinfection.
The sun shed, through a period of sun exposure, wind blowing, and drying, can kill most of the miscellaneous bacteria produced by the cultivation of edible fungi, so that the cultivation environment can be restored to the state before the cultivation of edible fungi as much as possible.
1. After the end of a cultivation batch every year, it is necessary to clean up the discarded fungus bags and garbage as soon as possible. 2. Try to choose the sun shed in the season of continuous sunny days.
3, sun shed at least 15 days or more.
4. If the shed cannot be completely dried because of the fixing method of the greenhouse film, it must be lifted as much as it can be lifted. The main purpose is to increase the convection ventilation and dry it.
5. After drying in the shed, drug fumigation and insecticidal treatment are still required before entering the fungus bag.

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