How to use high-efficiency shake flask to cultivate edible fungus liquid spawn

There are two main types of culture methods for liquid strains: shaking culture and fermenter culture. Shaking culture, also known as high-efficiency shake flask culture, uses mechanical vibration to vibrate the culture medium to achieve the purpose of ventilation. It is to inoculate the slanted tube strain into the culture medium and place it on a shaker for shaking culture.
The technological process of high-efficiency shaking flask culture is as follows: preparation of culture medium, sub-packaging, sterilization, cooling, inoculation, shaking table culture, first-level liquid strains, and second-level liquid strains. The mycelium cultured by the high-efficiency shake flask is generally spherical, flocculent and other forms, and the culture medium is viscous or clear, with or without clear fragrance and other odors. There are secondary metabolites produced by bacterial fermentation in the bacterial liquid, which can show different colors.
When using high-efficiency shake flasks to culture liquid strains, reciprocating shakers or rotary shakers can be used. The reciprocating frequency of the reciprocating shaker is generally 80~140r/min, and the stroke is generally 5~14cm. When the frequency is too fast, the stroke is too large or the liquid in the bottle is too much, the vibration will easily splash the liquid on the gauze on the bottle mouth and cause pollution. . The eccentricity of the rotary shaker is generally 3~6cm, and the number of rotations is 60~300r/min. Its structure is more complicated, the processing and installation requirements are higher than that of the reciprocating shaker, and the cost is also more expensive. However, the oxygen transfer is good, the power consumption is low, and the medium generally does not splash on the tampon. Therefore, the appropriate shaker and shaking speed should be selected according to actual needs.
The above are the main points of using high-efficiency shake flasks for the cultivation of edible fungus liquid strains. In addition to the cultivation of edible fungi liquid strains, high-efficiency shake flasks can also be used for full-time suspension cell culture, medium preparation or storage.

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