Countermeasures for Controlling Dead Mushrooms of Agaricus bisporus

Dead mushroom reason
Sustained high temperature, poor ventilation, insufficient nutrients, improper water use, aging mycelium, unsuitable pH, too dense fruiting and high parts, damage by pests and diseases, abuse of pesticides, etc., can all lead to the death of Agaricus bisporus.
Prevention and control measures
1. Add enough culture material. The growth and development of Agaricus bisporus is the same as that of any organism. It needs a sufficient nutritional foundation. In order to achieve high yield in mushroom cultivation and avoid the death of mushroom buds due to malnutrition, the required feeding amount is 30-35 kg/m2 when preparing the culture material,and do a good job in the composting and fermentation of the culture material, which is conducive to overcoming the death of mushrooms due to insufficient nutrition in the late fruiting stage, so as to obtain high yield.
2. Select high-quality strains. Choose a clock with strong and robust mycelial growth. The culture medium should have sufficient nutrients, the cultivation room should be clean and hygienic, and the air should be fresh. During the culture process of strains, the temperature changes should be checked frequently, so that the mycelium can grow at a suitable temperature, and the polluted strains should be eliminated in time.
3. Timely cultivation. Generally, materials are prepared and piled up in August, and sown in September.
4. Scientific water. Water management should be based on the weather, the amount of fruiting, and the time conditions, more spraying on sunny days, less spraying on cloudy and rainy days, more frequent spraying of mushrooms, and less spraying of mushrooms with caution.
5. Ventilation. The normal growth and development of Agaricus bisporus must absorb oxygen and discharge carbon dioxide. High concentrations of carbon dioxide are harmful to the development of fruiting bodies. Long-term poor ventilation in mushroom sheds. Excessive carbon dioxide concentration and insufficient oxygen will have adverse effects on the growth and development of mushrooms. Therefore, attention should be paid to ventilation during cultivation.

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