Do these points effectively to prevent the degradation of edible fungi spawn

The degradation of edible fungi is caused by the mutation of the genetic material of the mycelium, which is manifested as the sudden or gradual loss of the original viability, high-yield performance or the morphological changes of some fruiting bodies. The mycelium grows slowly, and a dense white fan-shaped colony appears on the medium, which has weak resistance to environmental conditions such as temperature, pH, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and miscellaneous bacteria. The fruiting body formation period is advanced or delayed, and the fruiting tide is not obvious.
So, how to prevent the degradation of edible fungi?
      1. Ensure the pure culture of strains. Do not use strains contaminated by miscellaneous bacteria, and do not use different strains of the same edible fungus species to be mixed or cultivated in close proximity.
      2. Strictly control the passage times of strains, reduce mechanical damage, and ensure the viability of strains.
      3. Proper low temperature preservation of strains. Low temperature strains (such as shiitake mushrooms, etc.) are stored at 4 °C, and high temperature strains (such as straw mushrooms) are stored at 16 °C, which is conducive to preserving the vitality of mycelium.
      4. Avoid multiple passages in a single medium, and use different types of medium along a reasonable generation, parent species, original species, and production species, which is conducive to improving the vigor of the strain and maintaining excellent characters.
      5. The strains should not be used for a long time. The over-age strains will appear aging, and aging and degradation are organically linked. The strains with weak vitality are prone to degeneration.
      6. The bacteria should be rejuvenated on a regular basis under the conditions of suitable temperature, suitable pH, sufficient oxygen, suitable diffused light, and bacteria-free culture.
      7. Spore separation is carried out every year, and excellent strains are found by sexual reproduction, and the genetic characteristics of excellent strains are consolidated by tissue separation.

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