Cultivation method of nameko mushroom

1. Conditions for the growth and development of nameko mushroom. Including six important conditions of nutrition, temperature, humidity, light, air and pH.
2. Raw materials, formula and cultivation period. The main material for the cultivation of nameko mushroom is the wood chips of broad-leaved trees, such as oak, birch, poplar, willow and so on. The best cultivation period is from mid-February to mid-March. ​​
3. Shed and production equipment. Need to use bag planting and PP powder, rubber gloves, 75% alcohol lamp, alcohol and other supplies.
4. The ratio and disinfection of the culture material. Including three important procedures of mixing, bagging and sterilization. ​​
5. Inoculation.
6. Management of germs. Mainly for bag planting and over-summer management. ​​
7. Management of fruiting period. It is divided into seven steps: bag cutting, mushroom urging, bacteria cutting, differentiation period, long mushroom period, post-harvest management and processing. ​​
8. Pest control. The principle of prevention first, supplemented by comprehensive prevention and control: First, keep the environment in the mushroom house hygienic; second, select anti-disease strains; third, effectively use insecticidal and sterilizing drugs; Abandoned pollution block.

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