Sawdust Requirements for Edible Mushroom Culture

Sawdust is the raw material used to cultivate edible fungi. At present, there are two basic sources of wood chips, one is the wood chips specially processed for the production of edible fungus culture, and the other is the wood obtained after crushing and processing by wood processing plants. Although all are possible, there are still certain requirements for the wood chips used to cultivate edible fungi.
If the wood chips used in the process of bagging and fermentation are processed by crushing pine, fir and other waste wood,Then the essential oils and resins contained in these wood chips will affect the fermentation growth of fungi, and this kind of wood has antibacterial effect, so it is very inappropriate to cultivate edible fungi.
For example, some sawdust produced from wood processing factories should be used with caution. After all, the wood materials in the processing factory are relatively messy, which may be mixed with a lot of wood chips that are not suitable for the production of edible fungi.Be sure to pay more attention.

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