Fruiting management technology of big ball cap mushroom

The key points of the fruiting period management of A. japonicus are moisturizing and strengthening ventilation.
     1. Moisturizing
     During the fruiting stage, the relative humidity of the air should be maintained at 85% to 90%, and the material surface should be kept moist without water accumulation. It is advisable to use mist water to maintain humidity in the morning and evening. When a large number of mushroom buds occur on the bed, spray water lightly and frequently, more on sunny days, and less or no spray on cloudy and rainy days.
     2. Ventilation
     The growth and development stage of fruiting bodies requires relatively sufficient oxygen. When a large number of fruiting bodies occur on the fruiting surface, the ventilation volume should be increased, and the ventilation should be ventilated for 2 to 3 hours every day to keep the air fresh.
     3. Temperature
     During the fruiting period, the ambient temperature is 20-26°C, and the highest is not more than 30°C. When the temperature is lower than 10℃, measures such as adding an arch shed, thickening the cover, and reducing water spray are taken to increase the fruiting temperature. When the temperature exceeds 26 ℃, take cooling measures such as ventilation and water spraying.
     4. Lighting
     During the growth stage of the fruiting body, a certain amount of scattered light should be given to stimulate fruiting, and the light intensity of 100 lx to 500 lx should be maintained.
     5. Harvest
     It takes about 5 to 8 days from the bud stage to the mature stage of the fruit body of Mushroom dulcis, and the low temperature period will be extended appropriately. The biofilm on the cap of the fungus is not broken, and it is harvested when it is mature at 6-7.
     When harvesting, grab the base of the mushroom feet with your fingers, twist gently, and pull up to avoid damaging the surrounding small mushroom buds.
     After the harvest of the first wave, clean the material surface, fill up the covering soil, increase the ventilation, stop water for 3-5 days, spray water to humidify, stimulate buds, and then manage according to the method of fruiting period, generally 3-5 days can be harvested. Tide big ball mushroom.

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