Conservation Method of Young Morel Mushrooms

Recently, the temperature has continued to rise, and the primordium of Morchella has gradually differentiated and its growth has accelerated. The conservation of young mushrooms is related to the final yield and quality of Morchella.
The primordium of Morchella has completed the differentiation and development to form young mushrooms. The mushroom cap and mushroom stalk have been clearly differentiated, and the size has grown to the stage of small (young) mushrooms of about 3cm. Although the young mushrooms are still more sensitive to the external environment at this time, their resistance is significantly enhanced.
The suitable growth and development conditions for young mushrooms are: temperature 10-22℃; relative air humidity 85%-95%, soil moisture content 30%-55%; ventilation, air flow speed 20-40cm/min.
Method for the conservation of young mushrooms: If a small arch shed is built, the film should be removed in time. Control the temperature in the middle of the shed and 1m above the ground at 5-22°C by lifting the quilt; keep the air humidity at 75%-90% by using micro-spraying in the aisle or in the air; give a certain amount of scattered light during the day (800 Lx or so); when the temperature is high during the day, conduct small ventilation (ventilation can not ventilate the bottom wind, so as to prevent the cold wind from blowing directly to the young mushrooms), 3-4 times a day, 30-40min each time.

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