The advantages and medium formula of Bailing mushroom liquid spawn

The preparation of Bailing mushroom liquid strain adopts the technical process of industrial fermentation, that is, a method for culturing Bailing mushroom mycelium in a fermentation tank. Compared with traditional solid strains, liquid strains have the advantages of short cultivation time and short bacterial age, and are suitable for factory and standardized production. After the liquid strain is inoculated into the stick, the mycelium grows neatly and uniformly, and the fruiting period is concentrated. The main advantages are as follows:
① strains are more pure. The traditional production of Bailing Mushroom solid strains is through the process of three-level propagation of mother species, original species and cultivated species. Especially in the production of a large number of seeds, it is necessary to frequently expand and transfer to meet the needs. In the process of expansion and transfer, not only is it easy to cause contamination of the strain, but also the mycelial activity of the strain is continuously reduced. The mycelium of liquid strains grows completely in a closed sterile environment during the fermentation production process, making the bacteria more pure, higher in purity, and stronger in vitality.
②The cycle is shorter. It takes 80 to 90 days for the traditional production cycle of Bailing Mushroom solid strains, and it only takes about 30 days for the liquid strains to grow from the fermentation culture to the bacteria bags after the mycelium is covered with the bacteria bags.
③ The output is higher. The mycelium of the fruiting fungus bag inoculated with liquid fungus grows neatly and uniformly, and the cycle of overgrown fungus bag is not very different, so the fruiting stage is concentrated, and the yield is more than 10% higher than that of solid fungus.
④ Better quality. The liquid hyphae of Bailing Mushroom have strong growth potential, low pollution rate, light disease, and basically do not use pesticides.
⑤Lower cost. The traditional production of Bailing mushroom solid strain requires repeated preparation of materials, stirring materials, bagging of strains, sterilization of strains, inoculation of strains, and culture of strains;The entire production process of Bailing Mushroom liquid strains is completed in the same tank through button operation, which can greatly reduce production costs and save labor.
Medium formula:
☆Test tube medium formula: 200 grams of potatoes (washed, peeled, sliced, boiled and filtered to get the juice), 30 grams of corn flour, 20 grams of glucose, 3 grams of peptone, 1 gram of magnesium sulfate, 1 gram of potassium dihydrogen phosphate , 20 g of agar, 1000 ml of water, pH 7.
☆Shake flask culture medium formula: 20 grams of glucose, 3 grams of protein, 1 gram of magnesium sulfate, 1 gram of potassium dihydrogen phosphate, 1000 ml of water, pH 7.
☆Recipe of seed tank and fermenter culture liquid: 2.0% bean cake flour, 1.0% corn flour, 2.0% glucose, 0.5% peptone, 0.1% potassium dihydrogen phosphate, 0.05% magnesium sulfate, 0.1% calcium carbonate, add water according to the amount, pH is 7.

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