Scientific management of the fruiting period of chicken leg mushrooms

After 20 to 25 days of covering soil, a large number of mycelia will be formed in the covering soil layer. At this time, if the temperature is between 15°C and 22°C and the air humidity is between 80% and 90%, the mycelium will soon form fruiting bodies.
In a few days, the chicken leg mushrooms were like bamboo shoots after a rain, breaking through the soil layer and growing in large quantities. The most suitable temperature for the growth of chicken leg mushrooms is around 15°C. When the temperature is lower than 8°C, there is no fruiting. When the temperature is lower than 12°C, the growth is slow. When the temperature is higher than 20°C, the growth is fast and the color is yellow. .After the chicken leg mushrooms are fruited, the relative humidity of the air should be kept at 85% to 90%. If the temperature is too high, water can be sprayed in the morning and evening or at night;When the temperature is low, water can be sprayed at noon, and low light is the best, so that the color of the mushrooms is white. When the mushrooms are six mature, the mushrooms gradually change from cream to milky white, which is a sign that the fruiting bodies are about to mature.

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