Causes and Control Techniques of Straw Mushroom Dead Mushrooms

1. Reasons for Straw Mushroom Dead Mushrooms

  1. The ventilation and moisturizing of the mushroom house are not coordinated. Straw mushrooms are aerobic fungi that require a lot of water. Too much ventilation is easy to die from lack of water. Insufficient ventilation can easily lead to excessive carbon dioxide and hypoxia death.

  2. The temperature of the mushroom room changes suddenly. Most of the straw mushrooms cultivated in the south use foam mushroom houses, which play an important role in constant temperature and humidity. However, if the doors and windows are not closed in time when hit by a typhoon, or the temperature is not heated in time when the freezing damage occurs, or the ventilation and cooling are not performed in time when the temperature continues to be high, or too much well water is sprayed on the floor, the cooling is too fast, and the mushrooms will suffer. If the temperature changes suddenly, they die in batches.

  3. Poor germplasm and pest damage. Age-appropriate strains will age and die because they cannot be cultivated in time. The mycelial vitality is poor, the nutrient accumulation after sowing is insufficient, and the fruiting survival rate will be very low. At the same time, dead mushrooms will appear when infected with miscellaneous bacteria or attacked by mites.

  2. Prevention and control measures

  1. Straw mushroom likes high temperature and high humidity environment. After the culture material enters the room, its water content should be strictly controlled, and the use of super-aged bacteria should be avoided, and the temperature of the mushroom room should be kept at about 30 °C. In case of continuous high temperature weather and low moisture content, sprinkle water on the floor and increase ventilation to cool down and keep moisture.

  2. The wheat bran (nitrogen) applied on the surface of the bacterial seed bed should not exceed 30% (or not) to reduce the occurrence of green mold and other miscellaneous bacteria and insect pests.

  3. Be careful when picking straw mushrooms, so as not to bruise the small mushrooms mechanically, or to break the mycelium layer and cause dead mushrooms. As long as care is taken in each production link, the phenomenon of dead mushrooms in straw mushroom cultivation can be reduced.

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