Three good ways to increase the yield of straw mushroom

If you want to increase the production of straw mushrooms, you can consider the following 3 methods:

Secondary vaccination. Straw mushroom mycelium grows too fast and is very easy to age, resulting in weakened vitality and unable to effectively use the nutrients in the culture material to continue fruiting. After the first batch of mushrooms is harvested, pry the surface of the material, and wet it with lime water to adjust the pH value of the culture material to 8~9; then spread the bacteria on the material surface, and cover it with a thin layer of fermented culture material after sowing . It is also possible to turn the material block over after the first or second harvest of mushrooms, turn the bottom culture material to the surface layer, and spray 1% lime water to adjust the pH. Then inoculate the material surface for a second time, and the inoculation amount is 2%~3%, which can generally increase the yield by about 30%.

Adjust pH. Spraying 3% lime water to the culture material can not only replenish water, but also make the culture material alkaline; also spray 0.1% urea and wheat bran water (100 kg of water plus 10 kg of wheat bran, after cooking) Filter, take 50 kg of filtrate and add 50 kg of clean water).

Implement mulch. Straw mushroom covering soil can improve the moisture retention performance of the culture material and the adaptability to temperature changes, make the mushroom body hypertrophy, reduce dead mushrooms, and increase the yield by more than 20%. The covering material can be used vegetable garden soil (excavated from 8 cm to 10 cm below the surface), and the thickness of the covering soil is generally 2 cm.

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