What environmental conditions are required for the growth of Grifola frondosa

The growth of Grifola frondosa requires good environmental conditions. Understanding the environmental conditions required for the growth of Grifola frondosa and meeting these conditions is of great help to the cultivation benefits of Grifola frondosa.

(1) Nutrition. Grifola frondosa has the best utilization of carbon source, and fructose is the best; the utilization of organic nitrogen is the best, and it can hardly use nitrate nitrogen; vitamin B1 is a necessary substance. Grifola frondosa can decompose the essential part of wood in the wild state, but only the phloem of wood can be decomposed under artificial cultivation conditions.

(2) Temperature. The growth temperature range of Grifola frondosa mycelium is relatively wide, the mycelium can grow in the range of 5-32 ℃, and the most suitable temperature is 20-25 ℃. The optimum temperature for the formation of fruiting body primordia is about 20℃. The temperature range of fruit body growth and development is 12~24℃, and the optimum temperature is 15~20℃.

(3) Humidity. The moisture content of the culture material in the cultivation of the substitute material should be 60%-63%; the relative humidity of the culture room should not be too high in the mycelium growth stage to prevent the tampon from becoming moldy, and it is generally controlled at 60%-65%; The physical growth stage requires relatively high humidity, and the relative humidity of the cultivation room air is 85% to 95%.

(4) Lighting. Grifola frondosa hyphae do not require light during the growth stage. Light must be provided for primordium formation and fruiting body growth. The cultivation site should have 200-500 lux light, so that the differentiation and color of the fruiting body's cap will be normal, and the survival rate will be high. .

(5) Air. Grifola frondosa has a higher demand for oxygen than other edible fungi. The cultivation room needs to be completely replaced with air 5 to 6 times a day. Insufficient ventilation and high CO2 concentration will cause the fruiting body to grow slowly and not differentiate, and even cause the fruiting body to stop growing or even stop growing. Rotten. Therefore, adjusting ventilation and moisturizing is the top priority of the cultivation and management of Grifola frondosa.

(6) pH value. Grifola frondosa mycelium is suitable for growth in slightly acidic medium. Like most edible fungi, the pH value of the medium should be adjusted between 5.5 and 6.5.

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