Antifreeze management of edible fungi in winter

In winter, doing a good job of heat preservation in the mushroom shed, preventing mycelial cells from freezing, and avoiding mechanical damage is the top priority of edible fungus cold and frost protection. The main technical measures to prevent freezing damage are:
1. Stop spraying water immediately and try to keep the surface dry.
2. Strengthen the heat preservation management of the mushroom shed. A small arch shed can be buckled in the big shed; film, straw curtain and other coverings can be added to the outside of the shed to keep warm and dehumidify. Use plastic film as an apron at the bottom of the shed to reduce the invasion of cold air at the bottom; block the gaps to minimize heat dissipation; use straws on the north side of the shed to form a wind barrier to prevent wind and cold; reduce the number of times to enter and exit the mushroom house. The temperature in the mushroom shed is 3°C-5°C higher than the outside temperature, which basically guarantees the maintenance of mycelial activity.
3. Seize the opportunity for the temperature to rise at noon, ventilate in time, and prevent the cultivation material from deteriorating and sour.
4. Timely remove the ice and snow accumulated on the top of the mushroom shed and around it to prevent the mushroom shed from collapsing.
5. Excavate drainage ditches around the mushroom shed to keep the drainage smooth and avoid the invasion of the mushroom material by the snow water.
6. Where conditions permit, refer to the method of secondary fermentation of mushrooms, and pass steam into the mushroom shed to increase the temperature in the shed. However, the temperature of this method is not easy to master, and it is more difficult, and if heating for multiple days, the cost is higher.
7. After the temperature rises steadily, spray water on the material surface in time to resume daily management.

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