How to prevent the young buds of shiitake mushrooms from freezing in winter?

1. Grasp the mushroom shed to increase temperature and keep warm
The young buds of shiitake mushrooms just released from the bag after cutting are most afraid of being frozen. If the temperature drops below 5°C, it will cause the buds to soften and die if the temperature is lower than 0°C. If the temperature is lower than 0°C, the buds are more likely to be frozen. If you die, you should pay more attention to the temperature and heat preservation of the mushroom shed. The first is to seal the agricultural film on the mushroom shed tightly to block the gaps to minimize heat loss; the second is to cover the mushroom shed with agricultural film, straw curtains, sunshade nets and other coverings; the third is to add additional coverings on the underside of the mushroom shed. Skirt film; fourth, use corn stalks, reed stalks, etc. to build wind barriers on the windward side of the mushroom shed to block the cold wind; fifth, take timely heating measures, and if conditions permit, move the biomass furnace to the mushroom shed for heating; It is to minimize the number of times of entering and exiting the mushroom shed; the seventh is to clear the shed area in time after the heavy snow. But pay attention when heating, try to keep the temperature in the mushroom shed evenly around 15℃, preferably not more than 20℃. Partially high temperature in the shed will also cause the mushroom buds to yellow and die.
2. Maintain proper humidity in the shed
In addition to being afraid of freezing, young mushroom buds are also particularly afraid of drying. The relative humidity of the air should be kept at 85%-95%. If it is too low, it is easy to cause the mushroom buds to die. Heating in the mushroom shed in winter can easily cause the air in the shed to be too dry. Therefore, while increasing the temperature, care should be taken to keep the humidity in the shed at an appropriate level. One is to spray water into the space in the shed to increase the humidity; the other is to use the water vapor generated by heating to increase the humidity in the mushroom shed.
3. Severe cold wind enters the shed
The young buds of shiitake mushrooms are also afraid of wind, and the direct impact of cold wind on the buds is more likely to cause their death. Therefore, when the cold wave comes, wind barriers should be added to seal the film to block the gaps, and at the same time, avoid frequent opening of the mushroom shed to prevent the cold wind from intruding into the shed. If ventilation is needed, it must be carried out when there is no wind, and the film should be closed in time after the film is removed for a short period of time for ventilation to keep the environment in the shed stable and suitable.
4. Pay attention to exhaust harmful gas
When the cold wave comes, heat up in the shed. The carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and other harmful gases produced by the burning of firewood and coal must be exhausted out of the shed through a closed flue. Otherwise, the accumulation of harmful gases in the shed will cause poisoning and death of young mushroom buds. . In addition, the mushroom shed should be ventilated regularly to exhaust harmful gases accumulated in the shed, so that the mushroom buds can grow robustly.

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