The future of morels

In the past two years, many people have been experimenting with the industrial cultivation of morels, and some experimental results have been achieved. At least it has been confirmed that morels can produce mushrooms in an artificial environment indoors.

Although it can produce mushrooms, whether morel can be cultivated in factory and when will it be realized? This is also a question that many friends are concerned about. Today we will analyze it.

First of all, it can be clarified that the future of morels can be factoryized. This is undoubtedly, it is only a matter of time.

This is like 30 years ago, farmers who used greenhouses and vegetable cellars to grow Flammulina velutipes in winter could not have imagined that there will now be five listed companies that make Flammulina velutipes, and Xuerong Bio can produce 1,000 tons a day.

Of course, morel, as an ascomycete, as a terrestrial fungus, is still somewhat different from wood-rot fungi such as Flammulina velutipes and Pleurotus eryngii, but science, technology, and productivity are also developing at the same time. I believe that in the near future, The factory cultivation of morels can certainly be realized.

Now everyone is interested in morel factoryization because the price of off-season morel mushrooms is very high, fresh products can reach 200 yuan per catty, which also shows the market demand for morel factory products, but as With the further maturity of morel technology and the realization of morel industrialization, the price of morel will definitely drop.

This is also the meaning of agriculture. The biggest meaning of agriculture is to make people eat better and can eat at any time.

It can be seen that off-season morels will be the biggest opportunity for the edible fungus industry in the future, and it can be seen that the future of morels must be factoryization, but morels will not directly transition from the current seasonal cultivation mode to the factory mode. .

The future development of morels requires three development stages:

1. Facility cultivation of standard greenhouses or greenhouses: These greenhouses and greenhouses have the function of heating and heat preservation in winter, and have the function of heat insulation at high temperatures in summer, and have a certain buffer capacity for external climate changes, and the environment is not absolutely controllable.

2. Greenhouses or large sheds with good heat preservation effect: or workshops, using refrigeration equipment to cool down, simple ventilation equipment and humidification equipment, to achieve indoor morel cultivation multiple times a year, the environment is relatively controllable, this model is similar The Shenyang Cordyceps flower model can be cultivated 4 times a year. Although it can be produced all year round, it is not called factory cultivation.
It is called annual cultivation under artificial environment.

3. Industrialization of Morels: Fully indoor artificial environment cultivation, with automatic temperature, humidity, ventilation control system, production process automation, equipment, assembly line operation, morels can be produced every day.

There is a future in the mind, and then there is hope. The future of morels must be factoryization, but this requires a process and time. It may be several years, more than ten years, or decades.

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