Scientific sterilization helps to increase the probability of stable production of morels

A few days ago, the staff of visited several morel bases, and now the morel collection season has entered, and the result can be described as a few happy and sad. This year, with little rain and high temperature, it was an out-and-out warm winter without too many severe weather, which provided favorable conditions for the healthy growth of morels. If there are no problems with the seed source and production management, it should be a high-yield year.
Although many morel bases across the country have frequently reported high-yield news, and pictures and videos of morel high-yield have been posted on the Internet one after another, but this is not the case. has learned from relevant practitioners that there are many more this year. Planting bases with unsatisfactory fruiting or even no harvest, although there are many high-yield cases, the polarization is serious, and the good is very good. However, most of them are low profits or large losses. Although the harvesting period has just entered the picking period, there is not enough data to summarize. This year's production situation, however, there are already some bases where the original base is not available, the nutrition bag is not sterilized or the sterilization is not complete, the wheat kernels germinate, and even the wheat seedlings are grown, which has caused disputes between the growers and the strain suppliers.

In an interview with Professor He Xinsheng from Southwest University of Science and Technology, the staff of said, “The main problem facing the morel industry is the instability of seed production technology, hidden pollution and frequent problems with the quality of cultivated species. Most of the morel species The factory does not have a strong breed breeding technology, so the strain is still the main problem. Normal pressure sterilization used for strain production has many problems. High pressure sterilization, such as stacking and airtightness, will also cause pollution."
      Ma Xin, chairman of Shandong Zhucheng Lianggong Machinery Co., Ltd., mentioned in the interview that with the continuous development of the morel industry in recent years, more and more strain production companies purchase the sterilization equipment provided by the company, and the production efficiency is high. , Sterilization has strong penetrating power, effectively reduces pollution, improves the survival rate of fungi, guarantees output, and increases the income of mushroom farmers. It is well received by many customers. Sterilization is a crucial step in the production of edible fungi. Even friends who have just come into contact with edible fungi will know about it. However, there are still many friends who have serious pollution due to problems in the sterilization process. Wheat seedlings are not only a joke, but also irreparable for the loss of production reduction. Scientific sterilization should be paid attention to.

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