How to realize high yield cultivation of bamboo-sun

1. Planting season

The growth of dictyophora chinensis requires a high temperature. The optimum temperature for its growth is between 10 and 30 degrees Celsius. The temperature of its bacterial buds during development should not be lower than 15 degrees Celsius.

2. Choose a field

Fields are usually chosen because they are spacious, flat, fertile, have good drainage and, most importantly, are free of termite infestations. It is best to choose a field that has not been planted for two or three years.

3. Trenching

Planting bambino should be dug into a ditch, which is more convenient for planting and management. After digging the ditch, the weeds will be cleared away and the soil will be smashed.

4. Put up a greenhouse

The bamboo sun needs to grow in darker areas, so it needs to build a canopy. It may be a little dark, but this will create the right temperature.

5. Mix with planting ingredients

Each ditch USES 4000kg of miscellaneous wood chips, 2000kg of fine bamboo chips, 50kg of urea, 30kg of gypsum and 30k of calcium carbonate to make ingredients. Remember that these ingredients must be fresh, dry, mildew free and no deterioration.

6. Stacking treatment

After mixing wood chips and bamboo chips evenly, add urea, gypsum and calcium carbonate, and water them. The water content should be about 70%, that is, the material water should be 1:1.5. Grasp the culture material, and see the formation of water droplets between fingers, but do not drop.Then a film is used to cover the material stack, which is stacked in the planted fields and fermented for 30 days.

7. Selection of strains

To select dense and robust hyphae, and vigorous growth, white pollution-free quality strains for planting, the seed consumption can be controlled in 700 bags.

8. Sowing

Before sowing, water should be soaked with quick lime to disinfect and kill pests on the plots to be planted. Usually, inoculation should be carried out in cloudy or sunless weather, but if planting in greenhouses, it is not afraid, because the inside is dark and has little impact on the sun sun.Then it is to ferment good culture in the field to make the bed, the height of the bed is controlled at about 40 cm.Then in the middle of the feed furrow, the depth is not too deep, the best is about 10 cm, then is to break the bacteria into small pieces evenly into the feed furrow, close in a straight line, finally is to cover the culture material strains.

After planting, the soil between the two beds is dug and mashed, and then a layer of soil is made, which is directly covered to the culture material, but not too thick, about 5 cm, and then the soil is covered with another 1 to 2 cm of straw, so as to maintain good air permeability and appropriate temperature.

9. Post-planting management

9.1. Outbreak Management

The proper temperature and humidity should be controlled during the growth stage. For example, if the temperature exceeds 30 degrees or is lower than 12 degrees, the mycelia of dictyophora japonicus will stop growing.Therefore, when freezing injury occurs, the film should be timely insulation fungus, when the temperature is too high, the film should be uncovered to cool and ventilate, in addition, it should be noted that there is no need to spray water during the fungus, in the case of water is when the climate is dry, the temperature is too high, and the surface covering white, it should be timely spray water, so as not to affect the growth of mycelia.

After sowing for half a month, the bacteria should be checked in time, such as mycelium growth is not obvious and also become black smell, which indicates that the fungus becomes mildewed, will not germinate, need to be removed in time, and then carry out reseeding.In addition, during the growth period, the bacteria should not easily turn over the substrate, covering soil and covering material, so as not to break the mycelia and destroy the primary base, which will seriously affect the subsequent bambino cultivation.

9.2. Fruiting management

After 2 months of cultivation, mycelia will enter a growth stage, during which the temperature is high and the evaporation is fast. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the management of fruitus, which is the key to regulate the yield of dictyophora.Therefore, during this period, the moisture content of matrix must be kept at about 70%, the moisture content of overburden soil not less than 20%, the air humidity should be controlled at 90%, when drought, the water spray should be in the form of spraying, spraying should master the flexible skills: when overburden white, spray more, spray frequently;When the fungus bud is big, should spray again, spray more;Spray more on sunny days, not on rainy days.

Each mushroom picking a tide water shall be 7 days, after a heavy water, can also be combined with compound fertilizer water spraying 1000 kg, to supplement the nutrition, the growth of fruit body temperature should be between 25 degrees, if the temperature exceeds 30 degrees, must be exposed film cooling, ventilated breathe freely, if the temperature is lower than 14 degrees, to cover film, waterproof moisture.

10. Disease and pest control

It is forbidden to use pesticides to control pests and diseases in the process of planting bambino sun. Therefore, it is necessary to put an end to pollution sources and do a good job in environmental hygiene. Generally, prevention should be given priority to.

One is to do a good job in the environmental sanitation and disinfection of the planting place, away from the fermentation field, livestock manure and other pollution sources, regular disinfection;.

Second, the culture material must be fresh, no rot, no mildew, and fully dry, and in the heap must be mixed evenly, fermentation requirements is sufficient rot, maintain the uniformity inside and outside.

Three is to strengthen management, can satisfy the demands of bamboo-sun growth required temperature and humidity as far as possible, in order to improve the resistance ability of bamboo-sun, cultivation field must maintain an environment of ventilated breathe freely, to keep the air fresh, grown in the greenhouse of the period, should open shed bamboo-sun to absorb the fresh air, and pay attention to guard against high temperature and humidity, water is the best in the morning and evening.

11. Harvesting and drying

When the fungus balls grow on the top of the neck of the dictyophora chinensis, it can be harvested. During harvesting, the fungus cap and bracket can be gently cut off with a knife, and then the cap and bracket can be removed, leaving a complete stalk and skirt.Pick up that day to come back to be about to undertake drying in time, can adopt intermittent type to dry method, the temperature of drying room is controlled in 60 degrees Celsius, bake to 80% dry, let go out drying room intermittently 15 minutes, again half dry article enters a room bake to dry completely.

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