King Oyster Fruiting Mangement

After 25 to 28 days cultivation, fungus mushroom come out from the mushroom bags, and about 1 week later, physiological maturity passed, it can be shipped to the a mushroom house. The following is describes  a grid fruiting management.
The first day: Cultivation bags were were inserted into the grid, cleaned, and then rinsed with clear water, ground disinfected with bleach keep the room temperature cooled to 12-15 degrees (center temperature 13.5 degrees), cold stimuli over 24 hours. After a day and night, cultivation package center temperature will get closed to the warehouse temperature, for this stage we call it cool stimulation.
The second day: After 24 hours library cooling of the cultivation package, the package center temperature will get closed to environmental temperature, at this time the library temperature will ascend to 15 to 17 degrees. Remove the plastic plug, knead a bag mouth, rotate clockwise to the culture material surface, making use of the characteristics of the polypropylene plastic will hardening in low temperature, friction on the material surface (commonly known as scratch bacteria).
The third day: Still belongs to mycelium’s recovery, multiplication stage, keep the carbon dioxide concentration in the mushroom room about 0.3%. Keep humidity, temperature constant, still in the range of 85% - 90%, Humidity can be lower in rainy season, and raise appropriately in summer. Temperature was controlled in 15 - 17 degrees. Mainly to improve humidity of the cultivation bag, to maintain a certain humidity, can ventilation. Turn on the lights to keep the light cultivation of 100 lux.
The fourth day: Cultivation package material surface become white, mycelium return to white. when touch it by fingers, feel a sting feeling, indicating slightly dry; fingerprints appear, indicating the humidity inside the bag is normal; when there are drops of water on the surface of the inner bags, and the finger was attached by some mycelium fragments, indicating that is too wet (while different season, the mushroom house insulation structure, the quality of the refrigeration unit, and so on,all these should be considered comprehensively, to judge whether It is too wet or not). At this point the cultivation bags only have the gas exchange, mycelium gradually recovered, the mycelium twisted together, and become mushroom bud, the growth course is slowly. Until the ninth day, you can remove the thimble off and turn off the light, keep the carbon dioxide concentration in the mushroom house 0.2-0.3% or lower.
The fifth day: Began to spit drops, and white drops are normal. Light brown transparent drops of wheat strains is normal, other colors or turbid drops are non-normal.
The sixth day: When irregular convex appeared on the surface of the cultivation materials, it is the bulbil primordium.
The seventh day: Drops are more obvious, Individual bud primordium began to expand.
The eighth day: Drops disappeared, After opened the bag, most of the primordium come out.
The ninth day: The primordium keep on growing big, if there is insufficient ventilation in mushroom house, it can lead to slender mushroom buds, ventilation can promote mushroom buds grow fat.
The tenth day: More and more bud primordium appeared, gradually expanded, differentiated into mushroom stalk, mushroom cap, like breast, as the mushroom bags are not opened fully, so concentrations of carbon dioxide inside the bags  is relatively high, promoting the mushroom stalk stretched, inhibiting the mushroom cap expanded. Many mushroom buds fight for oxygen and nutrients, and part of the small bud primordium could not grow further, so the situation is strong becomes stronger and the weak become weaker.
The eleventh day: Keep the temperature in the fruiting house, and humidity is relatively stable, no light, and the mushroom buds inside bags grew up gradually, Naturally split the bags mouth, or remove the mouth thimble, to make mushroom buds get more oxygen.
The twelfth day: Maintain temperature in the fruiting house, humidity is relatively stable, decrease light as far as possible. According to the mushroom cap shape and health degree, appropriately increase or decrease ventilation, the eleventh day and the twelfth day are very important to the shaping.
The thirteenth day: Temperature and humidity management are the same as the above, differently is hat some individual mushroom bud is especially is larger, it can be ahead picked.
The fourteenth day: most can be picked, according to the mushroom buds growth, the market requirements for mushroom stalk length, decided to leave 1, 2, or 3, usually leaving 2 buds can get a relatively high yield. For the mushroom buds will be removed, if it is large, when picked the cutting position can be placed on the lower part, it also can be sold as a commodity mushroom bud. If it is too small, the cutting position can be higher, so that the nutrition of the small mushroom buds organization can be transferred to the commodity mushroom. Plastic film in the bag mouth opened naturally, formed "mouth" shape. After the picking, unless necessary, maintain a fruiting house dark as far as possible, in order to improve the whiteness of the mushroom buds, otherwise the mushroom buds color will become gray white, affecting the level of goods. Using mobile headlights to patrol mushroom house.
The fifteenth day: After picking, cleaning the ground immediately and keep high humidity of the ground. after picking, the mushroom buds enter into the elongation stage of the fast growth period, meanwhile, carbon dioxide concentrations increased rapidly, you can decrease the ventilation rate, prompting stipe stretch out, Close the fresh air inlet for 18-38 hours (depending on the insulation condition of the mushroom house, it should not be too long), only 24 hours, you can clearly see mushroom stalk stretch outward, carbon dioxide concentration in mushroom house increased to 1.2% -1.5%, and then gradually reduce the carbon dioxide concentration in the mushroom house, reduced by 0.2% per 12 hours, and finally maintained at 0.4 % -0.5%. Under aerobic condition, mushroom stalk no longer longitudinal stretch, but horizontal development.
The sixteenth day: Individual mushroom buds began to be picked.
The seventeenth day: Keep on picking or all picked. Since different cultivation conditions in different areas, there will be a difference of a day.
The eighteenth day: When the Pleurotus eryngii mushroom cap is slightly upward, it is the harvesting period, picked the bigger ones and left the smaller ones, and picked all on the second day. Empty the mushroom house after picked all cultivation bags left on the cultivation shelf. When emptying, firstly, place material turnover baskets on the corridor, and pushing cultivation bag, packet the waste into a small truck, this can improve the efficiency. Then, use the high-pressure spray flushing the ground and wall, keep the ground dry, and make a record.


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