How to Locate the Mushroom Plant

First, moderate scale.

Moderate scale, stable production.Enterprises should be bigger and stronger at the same time, according to their own strength and practical positioning.On the basis of moderate scale, it is easy to achieve quality and stable yield per unit area.Stability needs to rely on the enterprise's own management level, excellent cultivation technology, the implementation of the technical requirements of the supervision and coordination of human disposal.

Ecological agriculture industrial park.In the planning and design should have enough place, and then continue in-depth development, recycling and multiple biological transformation, refrigeration units out of waste water and YangShiLian, waste materials seedling bed plant foliage plants, formed a certain scale, gradually to the sightseeing agriculture, leisure agriculture transformation, form varied agricultural biome, to enjoy nature.

The second time, place, and people

Days.Generally understand the trend and characteristics of local meteorological changes.Natural environmental factors have an impact on the environmental regulation in the warehouse during cultivation.In the process of cultivation and management, natural climate change should be used to reduce production costs in combination with the development trend of weather, and plans should be specified in advance for the adverse climate environment.

The right place.People can not change the natural environment, but can choose the geographical environment.When choosing mountainous areas to build plants, it should be considered to build plants near traffic arteries, high-voltage lines, village gathering places, gentle mountains, wide vision, ventilation, slopes and abundant mountain springs, so that water sources can be fully utilized and production costs can be reduced.

Labor.Factory site should be selected in the local enterprises less, the flow of people near the town

Third, single, double, multi - storehouse structure

Single storehouse structure.It is characterized by low investment, short construction period and fast speed, and can be put into production within 3-4 months under normal construction

Double or multiple storehouse structure.Small footprint

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