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mushroom plant design

This is a modern mushroom plant, every process adopt automatic machine ,such as automatic bagging production line, autoclave steam sterilizer, liquid spawn fermentation cylinder, climate control unit and clean room building etc learn more

mushroom plant design

The oyster mushroom plant take one year to build and become the biggest plant in his local city She produce 16000bags each day and adopt two bag filling production line In the plant, she use the 22*48cm PP bag and sterilize with 125degree temperature learn more

mushroom plant design

Shiitake mushroom plant mainly to produce fresh shiitake mushroom The plant take up 100000 square meter and own 20 pcs greenhouse for growing mushroom Every day can finish 50000 pcs compost bag In our local learn more

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  • greenhouse building for mushroom growing
    In mushroom plant, grow room build has two choice:one is greenhouse , another is panel room When people decide grow room structure, maybe he need consider mushroom growth characteristics As usual, people can grow shiitake and oyster with greenhouse
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    greenhouse building for mushroom growing
  • Mushroom Growing Consumable Product
    auxiliary material become necessary usage in mushroom plant, it s not equipment , but some easy to spoil,such as plastic bag, plastic bottle and plastic basket,shelf etc After some time uage, we should change new model
    learn more
    Mushroom Growing Consumable Product
  • Shelf Grow System Equipment for White Button Mushroom
    shelf grow mode is apply for white button mushroom and straw mushroom The whole system include compost filling system unit, compost packing machine,tunnel compost filling machine etc when you decide equipment choice, you should consider your plant scale
    learn more
    Shelf Grow System Equipment for White Button Mushroom
  • Fresh Mushroom Packing Machine
    mushroom package become more and more important,which will affect the mushroom storeage period and sale price In order to attract people eye and sale a good price, people will pay attention to mushroom package condition and adopt automatic packing machin
    learn more
    Fresh Mushroom Packing Machine
  • Climate Control Unit for Mushroom Plant
    Climate control unit mainly to control mushroom plant growth environment ,such as temperature, humidifity, co2, light etc Climate control unit is a system, mainly include cooling unit, humidifier and dehumidifier etc
    learn more
    Climate Control Unit for Mushroom Plant
  • Purification Equipment for Mushroom Plant
    Purification equipment mainly apply for some place, where request for clean environment It mainly include clean bench, airshower, purifier,laminar flow hood, the ozone machine etc These facility can improve the whole environment level
    learn more
    Purification Equipment for Mushroom Plant
  • Liquid Spawn Fermentation Cylinder
    spawn has liquid spawn and solid spawn But more and more people become adopt the liquid spawn due to its short growth cycle,little infection rate ,low cost etc advantage So liquid spawn fermentation cylinder become more and more popular
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    Liquid Spawn Fermentation Cylinder
  • Automatic Inoculation Equipment
    Inoculation equipment mean such equipment add the spawn into compost bag or compost bottle According to spawn difference, there are liquid spawn inoculation equipment and solid spawn inoculation equipment In actual usage, the machine has little differen
    learn more
    Automatic Inoculation Equipment
  • Mushroom Bottle Filling Production Line
    Mushroom grow mode will be different In Korea and Japan, people often grow mushroom in bottle Compare to bag grow, bottle grow has high automatic level and request for less labor But it will invest much money Bottle grow system include several parts
    learn more
    Mushroom Bottle Filling Production Line
  • Crusher Machine
    when we grow mushroom, we must find out right material In whole compost material, main material are sawdust,corncob and cotton seed hull In some district,some people also use straw for mushroom How to get such material ?Crusher machine will help you
    learn more
    Crusher Machine
  • Autoclave Steam Sterilizer Equipment for mushroom growing
    In mushroom industry, the autoclave sterilizer equipment material is often carbon steel According to outline difference, there are round serilizer and rectangle sterilizer Round steriilizer material is 8mm carbon stell;rectangle is 10mm carbon steel
    learn more
    Autoclave Steam Sterilizer Equipment for mushroom growing
  • Mushroom Bagging Production Line
    mushroom bagging production line include bagging machine, scraper conveyor and mixer equipment Automtaic level based on your equipment choice There are simple bagging line with intermittent work and complete bagging line with continuous work
    learn more
    Mushroom Bagging Production Line
  • Mushroom Bagging Machine
    In process of mushroom growing, people should fill compost in bag At beginning, they must do the job with hand With the automatic bagging machine,it replace the manual bagging And bagging work efficiency become more and more quick
    learn more
    Mushroom Bagging Machine
  • Mushroom Compost Mixing Equipment
    compost mixing equipment and compost turner machine mainly to process the mushroom compost Mushroom grow main compost are sawdust, cotton seed hull and corncob etc Mix these material well and do the next process job
    learn more
    Mushroom Compost Mixing Equipment

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    What are the main features of the factory air-conditioned mushroom house?
    In the design of the factory cultivation of Agaricus bisporus, due to the technical principle, process flow, facilities and equipment of the factory cultivation of Agaricus bisporus, the project design has certain defects
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    Simple dehydration and cold storage of Shiitake mushroom
    1 fresh mushrooms are harvested and selected Water is stopped 24 hours before harvest and reaches to medium we
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    Three methods to make dry shiitake mushroom
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    Key technology for the harvest of Agaricus bisporus
    Mushrooms are often harvested on the 5~7 day after buds, and can be harvested at low temperatures for 8~10 days
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    How to grow edible fungi with straw?
    Overview of TechnologyThe technology is based on wheat straw and rice straw and other cereal crop straw as the
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