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Due to the large number of fungus sticks placed in a mushroom shed, thousands or even tens of thousands of fungus sticks, it is impossible to achieve the same 100% cleanliness in the actual production management. When 70-80% of fungus sticks are in the same growth status in the management, we can enter the next management link.
The meteorological factors for the formation of high quality lentinus edodes, the mechanism of high quality lentinus edodes occurrence and the actual growth environment lie in the three aspects of humidity, temperature and illumination, and humidity control is particularly important.
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Humidity: (1) Air relative humidity: 85%-95% is suitable for normal growth of lentinus edodes. When the relative humidity is 65-74%, it is conducive to the cultivation of high-quality lentinus edodes. If the humidity is too low, some relatively weak young buds will die; if the humidity is too high, black light panel lentinus edodes will easily be formed. In production management, youn g buds mushroom cap diameter 2 ㎝, greenhouse control the relative humidity of 75%, 85%, when the mushroom cap diameter 2 ㎝-2.5 ㎝, greenhouse control the relative humidity of 65%, 74%, 7 - 10 days, make the mushroom cap epidermal cells growth is in nervous condition, some of the mushroom cap can produce irregular crack, then the day will shed control the relative humidity of 65%, 74%, night up to 75%-84%, keeping the crack a crack healing, healing and cracking status, the humidity is high and low,The tea mushroom with partial cracks and the light brown glossy mushroom without cracks can be formed. These two kinds of mushrooms are beautiful in color, round in shape, dense in flesh and smooth in taste. They are good quality mushrooms for fresh market. (2) Site humidity and evaporation of ground water vapor directly affect the texture of mushroom lid cracking and color of mushroom lid. Dry and wet control of the site is quite important in production. It is easy to increase humidity and quickly reduce space humidity, so the design of ground treatment, drainage and ventilation in the greenhouse should be reasonable.It is easy to keep dry in the mushroom field, and the difficulty of drying degree control directly affects the quality of the mushroom. (3 ) The moisture content of the fungus sticks and normal dry medium are conducive to the cultivation of strong mycelia, as well as the cultivation of mushroom and high quality mushrooms.The fungus sticks with 58% to 60% water content in fruiting stage and about 55 % water content in fruiting stage are suitable for cultivating high quality mushrooms.

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