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  • 24Mar ,2017

    Biotech company to grow mushrooms in space
    Shanghai Xuerong Biotechnology Co Ltd announced on September 18 a cooperation project with China Aerospace to look into the possibility of growing edible mushrooms in space. "
  • 24Mar ,2017

    The sale of fresh mushrooms for the purpose of harvesting
    In Europe, the use of shelves cultivation, had to develop a wide range of auxiliary harvesting machinery, harvesting machine by the fixed pulley, moving pulley, turntable
  • 24Mar ,2017

    European Agaricus bisporus plant planning
    After years of repeated research, the European Agaricus mushroom cultivation of the formation of the standard building, select the traffic arteries, relatively high terrain, in
  • 24Mar ,2017

    Cultivation of short papaya mushrooms in Taiwn
    There are many cultivated patterns of mushroom sticks in China, such as Qingyuan layer, Xixia model, Suizhou mode and Pingquan mode. Taiwan Liang Zhixin introduced the devel
  • 24Mar ,2017

    Cultivation and Mixing of Cultivation Materials
    Edible fungus substitute cultivars are composed of a variety of agricultural and sideline products waste, and most of the different diameter of the particles or powder. In o
  • 23Mar ,2017

    china: The cultivation of culture mushroom
    china: The cultivation of culture mushroom The cultivation of culture mushroom has two kinds of artificial inoculation and machine. Artificial inoculation, the efficiency is lo
  • 23Mar ,2017

    The agaricus bisporus market in Europe
    The agaricus bisporus market in Europe Agaricus bisporus is also called the white mushroom, mushroom, the mushroom, cultivation and consumption GuZhong is worldwide. Agaricus bi
  • 22Mar ,2017

    china: The Edible fungi bag cultivation process
    china: The Edible fungi bag cultivation process In the process of factory cultivation, the layout of the plant shall, according to the biological characteristics of the fungi
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