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  • how to choose spawn for mushroom cultivation?

    how to choose spawn for mushroom cultivation We are a professional manufacture factory which is also experienced in exporting the complete set of mushroom cultivation equipment .Our products cover sawd...
  • How to use the bag filling line ?

    ZDX-2 bagging line is the combination of press type bagging machine,mixer,conveyor and other devices to respectively complete the raw material mixing ,raw material conveying and bagging procedures in th...
  • Are there more big capacity mixer machine

    Yes, we have different size about the mixer machine. It has groove type material box, dual bearing structure, the raw material into the machine, spray to pour water, stir, stir well. With a safety lock device,automatic skip unloading, random fixed tugboat, convennient move. Optional accessories: water flow device.    
  • Do you have the shiitake mushroom bag filling machine?

    Yes,we have.We are a company specializing in the production of mushroom growing system equipment. This machine set stamping type bagging machine and screw feeding type bagging machine essence in a b...
  • Can it be free about the mushroom bags sample?

    Yes, it can be. Usage of the mushroom bags Now mushroom cultivation becomes more and more specialized.Our company is a company specializing in the production and sale of mushroom planting equipment.Mus...
  • Is it easy to operate the sterilizer?

    PLC+LCD programmed control system is adopted to highlight the superiority in advanced technology. It is unattended in the running process of the product, to completely complete the whole process of li...
  • How many size the mushroom round sterilizer have?

    ZG-SERIES round mushroom sterilizer is a traditional product. Featured by simple structure ,easy operation and high bearing pressure,etc. The product is applicable to the small_scale cultivation of edibl...
  • About the advantages of automatic bagging machine?

    About the advantages of automatic bagging machine? About automatic bagging machine, it opens the mouth, bagging, charging, stamping as one of the edible fungus mix automatic charging machine.The mechani...
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