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  • Nutritional components of corn chips?

    2.2% crude protein,0.4% crude fat,29.7% fibre,1.2% mineral substance,42.3% carbon,0.48% nitrogen,Carbon and nitrogen ratio :88.1,Proportion :0.3~0.35
  • Raw materials and auxiliary materials of wood - decaying fungi ?

     sawdust;corn chips;cottonseed hulls and bagsse
  • Enterprise factory production process?

    Raw material—pretreatment—mixing—cooling—sterilization—cooling—inocuation—cultivation—fruiting—recovery and package—refrigerate and sell
  • edible mushroom enterprises location requirements?

    1.appropriate scale,constant production 2.Good timing, geographical convenience and good human relations 3.Structural diversity of warehouse
  • Application of Liquid Bacteria to Attention

    Medium moisture content is not easy to change, medium permeability and vaccination is better grasp of the time
  • A Rapid and Effective Method for Testing Liquid Strains

    Inoculation culture, such as bacteria ball germination changed white, inoculation surface without red, yellow, green, black bacteria, to prove the normal growth of liquid bacteria
  • How to judge the quality of liquid bacteria

    The clarity and color of the bacteria were observed and the concentration of the mycelium was observed
  • Mycelial temperature and room temperature is not the same thing

    Mycelial temperature and room temperature are not equal, as the human body temperature and weather temperature is not equal is one thing.
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