Mushroom equipment



  • cooling process?

          Front door of Sterilizing trolley go into the pot;Back door of Sterilizing trolley go out of the pot;Buffer channel;First cooling;Second cooling;inoculating in the purification room;culture
  • Principle of high pressure sterilization?

            saturated steam has a strong penetration,steam will releases a large amount of latent heat when exposed to a sterilized object,The protein molecules  mof the bacteria in the culture medium are under the action of steam damp heat,the hydrogen bond in the molecule breaks, leading to the death of bacteria.
  • Process of bag type cultivation packing?

    Raw material—Sawdust screening—First order mixing—Two stage mixing—Conveyor—Bag filling—Pack frame machine transfer—Sterilization  car—High pressure sterilization
  • Why do we choose the polypropylene plastic bag?

    Advantage:Under blow molding and sealing,Melting point is 125℃,Heat resistance and corrosion resistance,transparent Disadvantage:It is easy to break when the temperature is low in winter,but can be overcome by modifying and adding antioxidants.
  • The problems should be considered in the formula design?

    1.The maximum water holding rate 2.nitrogen content 3.Porosity 4.Moisture content 5.PH value
  • Nutritional components of corn chips?

    2.2% crude protein,0.4% crude fat,29.7% fibre,1.2% mineral substance,42.3% carbon,0.48% nitrogen,Carbon and nitrogen ratio :88.1,Proportion :0.3~0.35
  • Raw materials and auxiliary materials of wood - decaying fungi ?

     sawdust;corn chips;cottonseed hulls and bagsse
  • Enterprise factory production process?

    Raw material—pretreatment—mixing—cooling—sterilization—cooling—inocuation—cultivation—fruiting—recovery and package—refrigerate and sell
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