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  • Shiitake mushroom neurospora prevention ?

    control the pollution source strictly,The raw materials should be choose fresh sawdust, wheat bran; plastic bags to carry except microporous bags; clear around garbage; ingredients adde...
  • The disadvantages of subcultivation?

               Time consuming, easy to be polluted, can not prevent the bacteria from genetic and physiological changes for a long time, the number of bacteria is too high, limited the storage space, can not be preservated for a long time.
  • Methods for preserving fungus?

           Liquid nitrogen cryopreservation;Ultra low temperature refrigerator preservation;Mineral oil preservation;Sterile water preservation;cryopreservation ; subculture;Silica preservation;Freeze dried preservation;Preservation of sandy soil.
  • Anti -pollution liquid bacterial strain system?

                      Nutrient solution sterilizing pot;Plate heat exchanger;Liquid spawn cultivation tank;water chilling unit ;Pipeline and all kinds of valves;instrument      
  • Advantages of liquid spawn mushroom?

    It solves the problem of the development of the synchronous development in the production of solid strain;the level of automated production and mechanical inoculation of bacteria was...
  • How to judge the physiological maturity of the culture bottle?

     —Judge the medium wood becomes yellow or not , —Observe whether the surface of the medium is shrinking
  • Factors affecting the synchronization of the culture process´╝č

    —difference of the subgrade filler’s weight —Inoculation amount —Warehouse storage capacity —Installation of refrigeration unit
  • What are the methods of ventilation?

    –Filtering positive pressure air supply  –Direct air supply  –Negative pressure exhaust –Energy saving exhaust –Air tight intake and exhaust –Water curtain cooling
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