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  • Anti -pollution liquid bacterial strain system?

                      Nutrient solution sterilizing pot;Plate heat exchanger;Liquid spawn cultivation tank;water chilling unit ;Pipeline and all kinds of valves;instrument      
  • Advantages of liquid spawn mushroom?

    It solves the problem of the development of the synchronous development in the production of solid strain;the level of automated production and mechanical inoculation of bacteria was...
  • How to judge the physiological maturity of the culture bottle?

     —Judge the medium wood becomes yellow or not , —Observe whether the surface of the medium is shrinking
  • Factors affecting the synchronization of the culture process´╝č

    —difference of the subgrade filler’s weight —Inoculation amount —Warehouse storage capacity —Installation of refrigeration unit
  • What are the methods of ventilation?

    –Filtering positive pressure air supply  –Direct air supply  –Negative pressure exhaust –Energy saving exhaust –Air tight intake and exhaust –Water curtain cooling
  • Stacking of small business turnover baskets?

    After inoculation, the whole basket stacked on a small cart, to be pushed into the custom library after inoculation, culture nine days and then pushed into the culture room,the turnover ba...
  • characteristic of the automatic solid spawn inoculation machine?

    —Easy operation, automatic inoculation, low pollution rate,vaccination production efficiency is about 4300 bags / hour,greatly reduce the cost. —Inoculation amount can be adjusted according to the need, the amount of inoculum of each bag is uniform. —Can adapt to the cultivation material height error is less than 15 mm.
  • Characteristics of ozone disinfection?

               Sterilization rate is 3-5 times faster than UV irradiation,8-12 times  than chemical disinfectant.For the common miscellaneous bacteria,sterilization rate as high as 98%
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