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  • how to reduce the probability of pollution during the cultivation?

    1 mixing uniformly. 2. without bagging microporous. 3. sterilization  completely. 4. aseptic inoculation. 5. constant temperature, dry and dark culture.
  • Why don't let fungus wet?

                The rain was pouring over the letinous edodes to keep the gill cap color is very difficult, the bright floral patterns into mushroom mushroom or flat mushroom, reducing the value of the goods. The drying time and the rain was pouring over the letinous edodes needs longer, increases the production cost.
  • In the cultivation process, how to control the springtails has the best effect?

    1,  Before mushroom fruiting, can spray 500 times The enemy pilot  or 1500 times  dimethoate emulsion  2, fruiting period, spraying 1500 times  dimethoatepyrethroid  or Aluminum phosphate fumigation 3, trapping agent: with 1000 times of dichlorvos, plus a small amount of honey trap.  
  • What advantages of using the plastic bags to cultivate the oyster mushroom?

    1, bag cultivation can successfully prevent fungi from spreading damage; 2, do not need to purchase the cultivation bedstead, directly on the ground stacking bag 3,  bag cultivation of oyster mushroom in the thermal insulation of the mushroom house, moisturizing strict requirements; easier to obtain high yield and create good benefits.
  • How long will it took from the mother fungi into the original fungi?

    1, the traditional method to pick mouth growth : 30-35 days to the full bottle. 2, Method two-point  :20 days . 3, liquid spawn :15-20 days.
  • How to identify and select plastic bags?

    For normal pressure steam sterilization, available polyethylene plastic bags, the thickness of 0.05~0.06 mm is appropriate, should first choose the low pressure polyethylene plastic bags;...
  • What is liquid fungus? Liquid fungus spawn can be stored?

                   Mycelia production base with all kinds of liquid pure culture called liquid spawn. Due to technical conditions for the production of liquid spawn requires special equipment and high, and cultivate easily aging even autolysis, preservation time should not exceed 20 days at 4~10 ℃.
  • The different strains of mushroom cultivation sowing in the same container?

    a.different species planted in the same container, will produce "antagonism", undernourish delayed, less fruiting even fruiting. b. there are many types of oyster, and different conditions....
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