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  • Management of edible fungus in haze days?

    1, strengthen the management of temperature, preservation is important in winter, during the day as far as possible to increase the temperature (in the temperature range of edible fungi can be tolera...
  • What is the proportion of black fungus culture material?

    The ratio of culture material plays an important role on the mycelial growth and yield of Auricularia auricula. After several years of experience, the Beijing City recommended black f...
  • Why most ot the mushroom grower use cottonseed shell as saw material?

                 Cottonseed shells are rich in nutrients, loose solid structure, good ventilation,strong watering, and can be used as the substrate for the cultivation of a variety of edible fungus and medicinal mushroom, it is the best materials in the mushroom farm .
  • the greenhouse which is used to grow wegetables can spawn edible fungus?

                 Vegetable greenhouse can grow edible fungi, but to make some changes according to the species, let the inside environment be more flexible and controllable, such as temperature, humidity, light, ventilation , so as to meet the growing demand of your planting varieties.    
  • How to deal with the waste of cultivation substrates?

                The use of sawdust medium can do professional equipment after high temperature carbonization as fuel use again, the use of agricultural waste as a medium can be added from 20 to 30% of livestock and poultry manure fermentation manure for crop production to do.
  • How to prepare oyster mushroom culture material?

    Sawdust, cotton shell, cotton waste, straw, bagasse, corn cob, corn stalk, peanut shell, bean stalk powder and other raw materials, but also appropriate to add wheat bran, rice bran, gypsum...
  • how to reduce the probability of pollution during the cultivation?

    1 mixing uniformly. 2. without bagging microporous. 3. sterilization  completely. 4. aseptic inoculation. 5. constant temperature, dry and dark culture.
  • Why don't let fungus wet?

                The rain was pouring over the letinous edodes to keep the gill cap color is very difficult, the bright floral patterns into mushroom mushroom or flat mushroom, reducing the value of the goods. The drying time and the rain was pouring over the letinous edodes needs longer, increases the production cost.
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