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  • How does make oyster mushroom reverse stubble fast in winter

    In the picking of oyster mushrooms, crop after crop alternated, especially in winter, when the temperature is low, how to make the harvest return more quickly is the most concerned problem of every...
  • What are the advantages of mulch culture technology of morchella

    1. Advantages of culture technology 1.1 waterlogging and moisturizing Morels and other edible fungi are basically the same, will be more sensitive to the water content of the base material.Normally, mor...
  • Photovoltaic edible fungus operation mode

    At present, there are three main operating modes for PV edible fungi: 1. Investment in photovoltaic power generation enterprises or edible fungi enterprises, including infrastructure construction includi...
  • What are the main causes of contamination during germination

    The situation is different for different reasons. Generally, the main reason for serious pollution is that one material is not steamed through.The two strains were mixed with bacteria.Too much water.Inoculation, culture disinfection is lax
  • What are the equipment for sterilizing edible fungi?

    The professional households of edible fungi are divided into two types according to technical conditions and equipment conditions. First, there are two types of good technical conditions and equipment ...
  • how to store your cultures?

    how to store your cultures? Many of the storage methods discussed in cultivating mushrooms, it can be performed by anyone just about anywhere with basic refrigeration or freezing capabilities. for tho...
  • Starting Cultures and Spawn Generation?

    Starting Cultures and Spawn Generation? Once you have agar plates, there are no limits to what you can do with a fresh mushroom, whether collected from the wild, cultivated, or purchased. i have cu...
  • Basic Laboratory Construction, Equipment, and Procedures

    Basic Laboratory Construction, Equipment, and Procedures A milestone in anyone's development as a mushroom grower is the construction and maintenance of a sterile culture laboratory capable of produc...
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