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greenhouse building for mushroom growing

     In mushroom plant, grow room build has two choice:one is greenhouse , another is panel room. When people decide grow room structure, maybe he need consider mushroom growth characteristics. As usual, people can grow shiitake and oyster with greenhouse. 

   A complete greenhouse include plastic film, steel structure, climate control unit and ventilation system etc. People can choose different size of greenhouse. Because the film width often from 3m to 20m , the film length from 50m to 100m etc. 

      Climate control unit also have two choice:1. cooling unit 2. cooling pad. When we build the greenhouse climate control unit, we often adopt cooling pad and fan work together to adjust the greenhouse indoor temperature. 

    For mushroom grow shelf, people can decide by himself. Like shiitake and oyster, you can place compost bag on the ground directly. And also design shelf as picture. 

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