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27Dec ,2016

Japan: a new type of mushroom cultivation -grow mushroom under solar panels.

           Recently, the Japanese company "Fujishukin" and "Sanki Kohmuten" announced cooperation. The two companies engaged in two different areas: "Sanki Kohmuten" professional R & D and manufacturing of solar panels, "cultivation Fujishukin" company mainly engaged in letinous edodes. The two companies jointly study how to grow in letinous edodes solar panels.
           In order to put this idea into practice, "Sanki Kohmuten" company to build solar power stations in an abandoned factory, covers an area of about 3400 square meters with 1125 solar panels on the total power of 290 kilowatts. The solar panels below planted more than 5500 of letinous edodes duo.
          The test shows that even if the lighting degree reduced by 90%, letinous edodes can continue to grow, the two companies also plans to expand production scale, the construction of new mushroom farms.

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