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09Mar ,2019

What are the main features of the factory air-conditioned mushroom house?

The cultivation method of Agaricus bisporus is developing from the traditional seasoning cultivation to the factory annual cultivation. In the design of the factory cultivation of Agaricus bisporus, due to the technical principle, process flow, facilities and equipment of the industrial cultivation of Agaricus bisporus, the project design has certain defects, especially the problems in the design of air-conditioned mushroom house. The unreasonable design of the structure of the mushroom house and the selection of air-conditioning devices greatly affect the cultivation effect and productivity.
    The main features of the air-conditioned mushroom room:
    First, the difference between air-conditioned mushroom house and traditionally cultivated mushroom (shed) room
     1. Ventilation methods and cultivation techniques are different. The traditional mushroom house is cultivated by traditional techniques and is naturally ventilated. The material layer is relatively thin, generally 10-15 cm. The air volume and air temperature cannot be precisely controlled. The yield of a batch of materials is about 8-15Kg/m2. The air conditioning mushroom room uses modern cultivation technology to control ventilation. The outdoor air entering the mushroom room must be purified and filtered. The air volume, air temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration are strictly controlled according to the cultivation process requirements. The batch yield is about 20-30Kg. /m2.
     2. Different cultivation cycles. The traditional mushroom house can only be produced in the season of suitable temperature. The air-conditioned mushroom house can produce mushrooms in four seasons. It can be cultivated for four to eight cycles per year. The culture material fermented by the second fermentation tunnel can be cultivated for six cycles per year. The traditional cultivation pursues the output of each batch of materials. The factory-developed air-conditioned mushroom house pursues the annual production capacity of a mushroom house while pursuing high yield per batch. The air-conditioned mushroom house can only obtain better benefits when the annual output per square meter of cultivated bed frame reaches 120Kg/m2/year.
     Second, the difference between air-conditioned mushroom house and other funnel air conditioners
     1. The air-conditioned mushroom room should be sterilized by high-temperature steam, and the humidity is relatively high. The insulation materials and air-conditioning equipment of the mushroom house are required to be higher.
     2, air conditioning mushroom room when the mushroom CO2 concentration can not be too high, need a lot of ventilation.

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