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21Apr ,2018

Simple dehydration and cold storage of Shiitake mushroom

1. fresh mushrooms are harvested and selected. Water is stopped 24 hours before harvest and reaches to medium well. After harvesting, select and remove miscellaneous, require the shape of a round and round, mushroom flesh hypertrophy, edge curling, no umbrella, 3.8 cm diameter of the cap, no soil, no miscellaneous, no disease, no defect, keep the natural state of mushroom.
The 2. row is wet. Dewatering can be made by dehydrator, and air drying can also be done. When dewatering machine is used to remove humidity, attention should be paid to controlling temperature and exhaust volume to ensure quality. The natural way of drying is to spread fresh mushrooms on the sun curtain, down the pleat, and put them in the ventilating places under the sun, 3~4 hours in autumn and spring, and 1 to 1.5 hours in summer. The sensory standard after dehydration is that there is no wetting sensation on hand stigma and a slight contraction in the fold.
3. grade selection. After wetting, the fresh letinous edodes is divided into 3.8 cm, 5 cm and 8 cm three grades. When selected, it can be removed to open the umbrella, deformed and discolourable mushrooms. It is divided into special plastic baskets according to the specifications, and each basket is 10 kilograms. Goods shipped on the same day or next day can be directly divided into small pallets according to market requirements.
4. in storage. The fresh mushrooms selected after grading were sent to the cold storage in time, and the temperature of the cold store was 1~4 degrees Celsius. In order to prevent the browning of the cut, the mushroom handle should not be cut before entering the storage room. It should be determined 8~10 hours before the start of the operation, and the shank should be trimmed at low temperature.
5. packing and shipment. They are packed in special boxes of foam plastics in the cold storage, lined with transparent non-toxic film, and used for special cartons. Each box is 5 kilograms or 10 kilograms. After packing, it should be shipped in a refrigerated car in time. The fresh-keeping period is usually 10 days.

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