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21Apr ,2018

Three methods to make dry shiitake mushroom

There are three ways of drying dried mushrooms. Each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. Enterprises or farmers can choose according to the actual situation.
The first method is to cut off the base of letinous edodes with scissors, and classify the size, thickness and water content according to the size, thickness and water content of the cap. Then the pleat is put on the cement ground or the bamboo sieve to dry directly under the sun. It's usually dry for 3 - 4 days.
The advantage of the dried mushroom is simple method and low cost, but the dried letinous edodes is not as strong as the dried mushroom fragrance. It has a certain influence on the value of the goods, especially if it is difficult to get the qualified mushroom in the continuous rainy day.
The second method is baking, if it is to take the way of baking, we should first buy the fresh letinous edodes, the same should be cut to the base, and according to the size and thickness of the mushroom cover, the fold down under the bamboo sieve, the eyelet of the sieve is not less than 1 centimeters.
During baking, the dryer is preheated to about 45 degrees Celsius, and the humidity inside the machine is reduced. Then the bamboo sifting of fresh mushrooms is classified on a drying rack.
"The temperature difference between the early stage, the middle stage and the late stage of the mushroom drying is large, so we must control the temperature well. At the same time, the baking room must have exhaust facilities, while baking while exhausting, otherwise the letinous edodes's pleat will darken and affect the quality. Zhang Guoxiang said, when roasted to 80% dry, can be taken out for a while, and then bake for three or four hours until the moisture content is below 13%.
This method of drying letinous edodes not only has good color and strong flavor, but the cost is a little high.
The third method is to bake the fresh letinous edodes after drying, and lay it in the sun for a whole day, so that the mushrooms are dehydrated and baked.
This combination of baking and drying has the advantage of reducing the cost of baking and ensuring the quality of dried mushrooms.
Bagging, whether dry or baked or baked, is not suitable for making dry letinous edodes. In order to avoid moisture moisture regain, the dried letinous edodes should be graded in time. After grading, it can be quickly loaded into plastic bags, seal the mouth of the bag, and then put into the packing box, store in dry and cool place, and can be sold directly.

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