Mushroom equipment


14Mar ,2018

Key technology for the harvest of Agaricus bisporus

Mushrooms are often harvested on the 5~7 day after buds, and can be harvested at low temperatures for 8~10 days after buds. In autumn and winter, 2~3 batch can be harvested. The quality of the first mushroom is the best and the yield is the most. In February, 4~5 batches of mushrooms can be collected in spring after the rest of the bed. The cultivated mushroom varieties are more in the temperature range of 13~20 degrees centigrade, at 16~18 degrees, the mushroom is neat and the quality is good. Mushroom harvesting in the fruitbody was not required to break, after breaking open aurivella mycoderm. Open the umbrella mushroom quality and low price, and not broad market. The harvested mushrooms are handled and classified in time to the factory to be processed or sold in time. The transportation package should be added with soft material liner to prevent extrusion and bruising.

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