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14Mar ,2018

How to grow edible fungi with straw?

Overview of Technology
The technology is based on wheat straw and rice straw and other cereal crop straw as the main raw material, through mixed with other raw materials or by high temperature fermentation, made of grass rot fungus cultivation medium, after harvest of edible fungus, mushroom bran by high-temperature composting, return farmland, is a kind of multistage recycling technology.
Technical characteristics
1. a wide range of raw materials
At present, the main planting grass rot fungus Agaricus bisporus, Stropharia, Dictyophora etc.. Such as Agaricus bisporus planted substrate, the use of rice and wheat straw can reach 40-50%, mixed with pig and cow dung 40-50%, and then add other excipients, after fermentation as a raw material of straw rot fungi.
2. significant economic benefits
The mushroom for example, per square metre of fresh mushroom production 5-10 kilograms, the output value of 50-100 yuan, the annual export volume of about 200000 tons of canned mushroom, each year for the country to swap $more than 200 million, good economic benefits.
3. wide applicability
The technology of straw planting edible fungi can be used not only in the production of ordinary farmers, but also in industrialized and industrialized production, and the operation is convenient.
Technical process
The cultivation of edible fungi can be divided into raw material, clinker and fermented material according to the different matrix treatment methods. The cultivation methods of any kind of edible fungi include 3 important technical links, such as base material preparation, edible fungus cultivation and fungus chaff composting, and the technical flow chart is as follows.

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