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14Nov ,2016

United States: Studies have found that mushrooms can remove the bitter taste of

Recently, however, MycoTechnology, a food technology company, found that mushrooms contain special sugars that remove bitterness and sourness and make the food tasty. This is a reasonable scientific discovery, the new product will be to become the first generic product of its kind (remove a variety of unacceptable flavors).

MycoTechnology said the mushroom is not the most nutritious part of the cap and stipe, is the nutrient absorption in the underground mycelium, hyphae not only in the soil decomposition of substances can also be decomposed in a variety of harmful ingredients in food. Currently the company is still in the pilot phase, if the test is successful, they will be sold in new ways. But they now have the ability to apply for a patent, if the technology has been promoted, both in the field of food safety and research in the field of edible fungus will be a major breakthrough.

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