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05Feb ,2018

There are three methods for high yield inoculation of shiitake mushroom

A kind of method, increase basswood strains, strains of multiple bacteria area is large, can be in a relatively short period of time so that the hyphal penetration of basswood. Basswood and out of gas exchange depends mainly on water absorption and evaporation, water movement wetting can make the internal basswood get enough oxygen, the mycelium of feed to accelerate further basswood, basswood mature, to reduce the risk of infection by bacteria.
Two, deep inoculation method: seed depth is more bacteria, to enhance the drought resistance, reduce the outside temperature difference to the bottom of the seeds of seed stimulation. Under the condition of constant temperature and humidity, the mycelium in the species will be rapidly germinated and the survival rate is improved. Deep hole, increase the depth of wood tangential, so that the mycelium absorbed more sufficient nutrients, production will be greatly improved.
Three, the early inoculation method: under low temperature, the spores in air are small and low in activity, and are not easy to germinate into mycelia. However, letinous edodes hyphae can colonize under low temperature, and have strong resistance, strong hypha growth and high survival rate.

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