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05Feb ,2018

Iran: the total production of edible fungi in 2018 is expected to reach 150 thou

According to the financial Tribune, recently, Tacavi, director of the edible fungus industry bureau, predicts that the output of edible fungi in Iran is expected to reach 150 thousand tons this year. In addition, Mr. Tacavi told Iran Labor News Agency (ILNA) that up to now, the area of edible fungi has been expanded by 7 hectares in Iran, and the total area is predicted to increase by 10 hectares by the end of this year.

In December 2017, in an interview with the "financial Tribune", Mr. Tacavi once said: "at present, China's edible fungus total cultivated area reached 700 hectares, 2016-2017 years, the domestic edible fungus production reached 138 thousand tons, the output value of 10 trillion rials (about $220 million). In addition, in Iran, the output of 20 kilograms of fresh mushrooms per square metre can be output, and the output of edible fungi of Tehran, Earl Boer and Isfahan ranks the leading position in China.
It is understood that the per capita consumption of edible fungi in Iran at around 1 kg, is expected to 2022, this figure is expected to be up to 1.5 kilograms, in addition, according to the latest data, the average consumption of edible fungi in 2-4 kilograms, 2017 3 to November, Iran successfully exported 975 tons of edible products, mainly exported to China for Russia and iraq.

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