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23Jan ,2018

Suggestions on the mushroom winter growing

As the temperature decreases, slow the growth of mycelium and fruiting, respiration intensity decreased, fruiting quantity is little, but the mushroom flesh, good quality. The majority of farmers to seize a good time during the Spring Festival market demand, selling prices of mushrooms, take effective measures for many a mushroom, mushroom, obtain good economic benefits. The following three points of management are:
1. Improve the temperature of mushroom bed
Check the mushroom shed film, timely repair damaged. In the daytime sunlight irradiation and mycelium own biological heat to keep the temperature of the mushroom shed, shed at night with outer grass with antifreeze frost.
Two. Replenishing water and controlling wet
Letinous edodes, the mushroom fungus and bacteria stick autumn growth, more water, only the original 50% to 60%, you should pay. 3~4 days before opening up the shed door before replenishment, when water is replenishing, the needle is inserted into the bacteria stick by water injection. With the pressure of the pump, the bacteria bar suck water in a short time, and the water source is well water. Water spray principle: spray water, mushroom more time and more spray, mushrooms less and less spray, bud period more spray, harvest time less spray.
Three. Pay attention to ventilation and ventilation to avoid the north wind attack
When the mushroom bud is born, the respiration is vigorous. If the air is not circulated and the concentration of carbon dioxide is too high, it will inhibit the formation and growth of the fruiting body. Ventilation and ventilation were carried out at a high noon, with a time of 10~20 minutes. The import operation, import from the studio to the south, to prevent cold wind attack.

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