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23Jan ,2018

Three points of attention should be paid to the shiitake mushroom dehydration

Plucking at the right time
This is one of the main reasons for the colourful color of the base of the finished product of letinous edodes, which is the injury of the mushroom body before baking. In order to overcome this shortcoming, it is very important to enhance the resistance of the mushroom body to the external pressure, and it is very important to pick in time. When the biofilm has been fully cracking, the cap edge is shaped into the causeway should be harvested before harvest, 2 hours of water shall not be, the rotary mushroom picking method, post harvest tohandlegentlyand, miscellaneous, to handle, then send the nearest dewatering dewatering room. Generally from the harvest to the focus dehydration, the distance is not more than 5 kilometers, time does not exceed 2 hours, so the quality of mushrooms will be guaranteed.
Mastery of temperature
This is the key to the shape and fullness of the finished mushrooms. If we want to keep the mushrooms dry and full, we should create the conditions to make the free water molecules in letinous edodes tissue diffuse outward and inward to synchronize. This requires us to observe carefully during the roasting, change diligently, grasp the heat correctly, and control the temperature and humidity. That is to say, when the temperature is 35 ~40, the heating will be cooled after 4 hours. When the mushroom cover is soft, then it will gradually increase to 55 degrees by fire. When the mushroom body reaches 90% dry, it will cease fire and open the box and classify it. When the temperature falls to natural temperature, it will then temper to 60 degrees and maintain 1~2 hours. In this way, the finished product of the finished product has the same internal and external contraction and almost no wrinkles on the surface, and the quality is good.
Strict classification
This is the same size as that of finished mushroom mushroom body drying to 90% dry, quickly remove the classification line, while cooling after letinous edodes soft surface is not easy to be damaged when the first artificial selection, are graded according to size, removing sediment mushroom, mushroom deformity and loss while trimming excess pleated mushroom, stipe, according to the export standard eye screening, then tempered to dry (moisture content 11%~13%). After cooling to the natural temperature, the 6~8 silk double plastic bag is sealed for sale.

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