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11Jan ,2018

Attention to the cultivation of Oyster mushroom by Corncob

Because of the high sugar content of the corn cob, it is easy to cause bacterial infective diseases in the cultivation of mushroom.
(1) we must choose fresh, mildew free corn cob, choose sunny days before loading, and insolate in the sun for 2 days to kill the heterozygous bacteria in the culture material.
(2) the amount of inoculation, the total burden of mycelia as soon as possible, to control bacterial growth.
(3) as a result of microporous bacteria, Pleurotus ostreatus hypha and heterozygous respiration increased, making it easy for Wen Shenggao to cause bacteria in culture bag, mycelial activity of Pleurotus ostreatus and the strength of hetero bacteria were enhanced. Therefore, when the temperature is high, it should be put on a single layer and regularly check the material temperature. When the temperature of hair bacteria is low, it can be placed in 2~3 layers.
(4) before the mushroom mycelium comes into the shed, the cultivation shed must be sterilized in advance so as not to cause the contamination of the mixed bacteria.
(5) the mushroom management stage, shed must control the temperature, better ventilation, because the bacteria (especially facultative bacteria) easily breed in high temperature, poor ventilation environment, make the infected mushroom.
(6) the Pleurotus ostreatus collection should be in time (best medium well), so as to avoid the spores of Pleurotus ostreatus carrying miscellaneous bacteria to infect other sick bacteria bags.
(7) after picking a flush, be sure to clean up the burden in a timely manner, reducing the greenhouse temperature, to restore the growth of mycelia, fruiting to kink.
(8) after the end of the mushroom shed, debris to clean up clean, bacteria pollution to digging buried or burned, plastic covered shed cloth to all off clothes to shed for next year.

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