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11Jan ,2018

How to use the Enoki mushroom waste to grow straw mushroom

Use the mushroom cultivation waste mushroom cultivation after the end of biological efficiency can reach above 30%, and the cotton seed shell be roughly the same mushroom cultivation yield, specific methods are as follows: 1 waste disposal will cultivate mushroom cultivation after the end of the material from the bag was poured out, bacteria break exposure, bacteria remove mildew. The 2 formula of mushroom waste manure better 85%, green bran 10%, 4% lime, gypsum 1%, adding 20% of the total dry dry fermentation. The 3 pile system is composted after 4~5 days before sowing. At the time of heap, the temperature of the film should be heated to increase the temperature of the material. After 36 hours, 1 times and a total of 3 times are turned over. The maximum temperature in the material stack is up to 70 degrees centigrade. 4 choose sowing mycelium growth robust, age 20 days, a small amount of red age strains of chlamydospores of the bottle shoulder, sprinkle evenly into the culture surface, gently cover soil compaction, moisture. 5 bacterial strain as the mycelium had material, temperature and humidity are high, the film should be covered on the surface of the opened, prompted the mycelium grow down. In general, the seed primordium is formed for about 6 days or so. 6 out of the mushroom management subentity formed a fertile wet vegetable garden with 1 layers of 1 cm thick on the front cover. After the formation of fruiting bodies, it is required to spray water to the bed, floor and space for many times every day, so as to raise the air humidity of the training room, and spray water to the mushrooms properly when it reaches the height of soybeans. The water temperature of the water spray is basically the same as the ambient temperature. When bacteria mushroom egg hypertrophy, solid package is not broken immediately when the harvest should be sprayed with nutrient solution two tide mushroom growth, such as urea, 0.20% No. 2 mushroom roborant etc..

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