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20Dec ,2017

Five major problems of severe prevention of edible fungi in winter

Winter is the main mushroom season of edible fungi. Problems in the management are easy to occur, and measures should be taken to prevent them.
The bud of mushroom is difficult to differentiate. First, the temperature of the shed is low, which is not suitable for the development and differentiation of young buds, and can be solved by raising the temperature of the shed. Second, drug effects. Some farmers use a lot of pesticide mixing, the bacteria during the spraying of pesticides to prevent the occurrence of disease, the bacteria in the bag of exhaust gas, or even inhibit hyphal development. Treatment methods: the surface damage after spraying 6% lime aqueous solution, 2 times a day, 2~3 days later, again budding can normal management. If the drug concentration is high, we should take the method of lime water soaking bacteria bag to solve it.
The growth rate of the mushroom is slow. The main reason is that the greenhouse temperature is too low, or the selected strain is not suitable for low temperature cultivation. Treatment method: improve the temperature of the shed. First, the installation of the greenhouse water temperature air conditioner, the temperature can be adjusted at will, even if the medium and high temperature strains are selected, it can also be out of the mushroom. Second, installation of heating, a smooth, and keep the wind into enough, so as not to shed a lack of oxygen. Third, a black plastic film or high density shade in the shed top, rolled up grass thatch shed into the hot but not into the light, but this method can't rain and snow weather warming.
Exuberant hyphae of gas. The main reason is the misalignment of carbon and nitrogen ratio and too much nitrogen. The surface treatment method: spraying concentration of 5% lime or lime water, water immersion jundai, so as to achieve the decomposition of nitrogen assimilation can level as soon as possible, at the same time to strengthen the ventilation, make the aerial mycelium as soon as possible lodging, knot bud.
No mushroom. In addition to the imbalance of basal nutrition and the imbalance of carbon and nitrogen ratio, the temperature type of the strain did not conform to the present temperature. In addition, the raw materials contain unidentified substances, especially pesticides that inhibit mycelium and lead to no mushroom. The treatment method is referred to the above use of lime water.
The base of the subfruiting body has the "pilus". Some are due to bad ventilation and high humidity, and they produce gas hypha. Some fungi are infected, and their early appearance is filamentous. When temperature rises, they develop into diseases such as brown rot. Processing method: clean up the surface after spraying all silly "400 times liquid, reduce the humidity and observed for 1 weeks no longer be transferred to the normal development of management.

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