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14Dec ,2017

The cultivation season of enoki mushroom

Enoki mushroom is a typical low temperature edible fungus. The cultivation period should be determined according to the local climate conditions to meet the requirements of the low temperature out of mushroom. Generally, two times of cultivation can be arranged. The first time from late August to late September to make bags, from the end of October to the middle of November, the first stubble mushrooms were collected. The natural temperature in late August is about 25 C, which is suitable for the growth of mycelia of Flammulina velutipes. From late October to late November, the natural temperature dropped to less than 20 C, which was suitable for the temperature requirements of the mushrooms. Second cultivated in mid to late 11 to the end of December bag. The room temperature was kept at 16~18 C, and the temperature of the bag was at 20~22 C to ensure the normal growth of the mycelium. Take the heating measures to win the first stubble mushroom before the year of the lunar calendar. The natural temperature of the spring 2~3 month rebounded to about 10 C, and the second and third stubble mushrooms could naturally produce mushrooms. The first time to cultivate bags is not too early. It is too early to get high temperature, easy to infect hetero bacteria, and sometimes there will be high temperature burning bacteria. The second cultivation and bag making is not too late. After the party, the mushroom is delayed. 

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