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09Dec ,2017

What should be paid attention to edible fungi water

In the cultivation of edible fungi, water plays a role for providing nutrition of mycelium and fruiting bodies, is an important factor in determining yield and fast turning of the tide, most varieties of culture material suitable water content is 60% - 65%, training materials and space in the fruiting of moisture in the process are gradually reduced, the need for timely add water. The following key points should be paid attention to the water supplement in the culture medium of the bacteria bag.
The amount of water is replenishing. When the first tide mushrooms were harvested, the amount of water supplement was smaller when the matrix nutrient was rich and the moisture content in the matrix was higher. When the moisture content of the second mushrooms was longer, the matrix nutrition decreased, the moisture in the matrix also decreased, the amount of water supply could be more, and the time of bacteria bag soaking could be longer.
Use clean water or groundwater when water is made up. Pond water and water should not be used in surface, prevent bacteria and pests carried into the matrix, caused by diseases and insect pests.
Water temperature as much as possible with the mushroom shed temperature, do not use cold water.
Don't sprinkler on the primordium and the mushrooms. It is better to use the sprayer to fill the water, and the nozzle is humidified up to the space spray.
After filling the water, the water beads on the mushroom body should be ventilated. Otherwise it will give the chance of causing bacteria breeding, formed in the mushroom body on the spot.
Bacteria bag water supplement is an important measure for increasing production, which is mainly used for the cultivation of edible fungi with a long period of time. It is necessary to pay attention to: 1. letinous edodes, such as the completion of the turn color, before the mushroom, to fill the water, fill up to 65% of the water content of the culture. 2., most of the edible fungi will replenish the water after turning out one or two tidal mushrooms in the tide period. First, keep the bacteria and then replenish the water. The amount of water should be controlled at 80% - 90% of the original bag weight. 3. the sparsity of mycelium, weak growth, temperature below 5 degrees centigrade, or the occurrence of diseases and insect pests in the material should not be replenishing. 4. the three tide after mushroom water, can also add nutrients to common urea, sugar, potassium dihydrogen phosphate. 

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