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08Dec ,2017

Four kinds of mushrooms fruiting management technology

(1) the management of ordinary Pleurotus ostreatus. To stimulate a large temperature difference in mushroom, so to increase the humidity, increase light and enhance ventilation, to increase the temperature difference between day and night alternately, the growth of Pleurotus ostreatus mycelium the management of temperature control in the 20 to 24 DEG C, fruitbody growth when the temperature control in the 9 to 19 DEG C, increase water quantity, more mushrooms, water more to the mushroom bud directly spray, increase production.
(2) the management of Coprinus comatus. The mushroom Coprinus comatus does not require a large temperature difference, based on stable temperature, proper ventilation, ensure the humidity, can spray on the wall, the ground, to avoid the mushroom bud and spraying to prevent the opening, reduce the quality of fresh mushroom.

(3) mushroom management. The formation of fruiting bodies, to keep the temperature at 12 ~ 16 degrees, humidity 85% ~ 95%, in order to improve the humidity, can spray on the ground and the wall, to avoid the mushroom bud on water, prevent the mushroom body yellow, rotten mushroom, fresh mushroom affect the quality, but also to strengthen the ventilation, lighting control in 1000 Rex, timely harvest.
(4) the management of Flammulina velutipes. The formation of the fruiting body of Flammulina velutipes is kept at about 13 C, and the humidity is about 90%. On the basis of heat preservation and moisture retention, increasing carbon dioxide concentration is the key. Flammulina velutipes with commodity value is a long handled and shallower long handled mushroom. Only when the suitable carbon dioxide concentration is 0.095% to 0.152%, can the quality be guaranteed. The amount of light, the fruiting period of Flammulina velutipes has very strong phototropism, this can increase the yield of fruiting body, the mushroom body toward the growth direction of neat light, but not scattered, while the pileus was open with growth and basal villus formation were inhibited, to ensure the quality of the commercial mushroom.

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