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05Dec ,2017

Oyster mushroom as soon as possible fruiting method

       Mushroom, although not a variable species of temperate species, but under certain conditions of temperature budding faster, and, in the mycelium ripening management in place under the conditions, can be shown mushroom Qi, mushroom density and other significant features. Mushroom cultivation of high temperature mushroom and fruiting management, are in high temperature period, so the temperature is characterized by small changes in the day and night, affecting the performance of mushrooms, a typical feature is the delay in budding.

      Approach is simple: raise the shed temperature during the day, give well water spray after sunset, so that the temperature at night and the temperature during the day to widen the temperature difference. If the high temperature and humidity in the weather, it is best to complete the cooked bag removed from the shed, let the wind and the sun, the temperature below 35 ℃, maintaining 2 to 3 days time; Large water, after infiltration can be moved into the bag, and then spray groundwater, into the normal management can be. Generally 2 to 3 days, you can neat buds, but also showed mushroom neat state.

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