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12Nov ,2016

Mushroom self-propelled spice machine you are worth buying

Combined with the cultivation of edible fungus in the process of high cost and manual cumbersome operation, combined with a number of edible fungi machinery and remove all the disadvantages. The self-propelled spices of the edible fungus have high production efficiency, simple operation procedure and reliable performance. Tanks and pulleys made of stainless steel, easy to clean, to avoid corrosion. Cycloid reducer, long life, low noise. Special protection door design, easy equipment maintenance, maintenance, special with people ladder, feeding more convenient. Two-way S-shaped propeller leaves, spices quickly and evenly. The top viewing window makes it easy to observe the mix. Timer 0-30 minutes at any time mixing. At the same time, the mixture of raw materials and materials can be used in contact with parts of stainless steel, non-aggregates dead, easy to clean, no pollution. Can be customized oil temperature heating, mainly through the electric heating plate within the oil tank heat transfer oil temperature, the use of the temperature of the barrel during mixing stir fry drying to achieve the purpose of drying mixed to save investment.
Automatic feeding, lower labor intensity; unique arrangement of the form of the material so that the teeth are more evenly mixed, a single charge (1), the use of high-speed, high-speed, The amount of more; large mixer unique seal protection to make the equipment longer life, more convenient cleaning. Suitable for a large amount of plastic particles, powder, new materials, old materials, add economic aid to the mixing and mixing, blending purposes; single barrel pure mixing function, double can be heated. Commonly used in PVC, TPR, TPE, PP, PE and other plastic granules of the mixing, drying. Double oil heating, the temperature up to 80-300 degrees. Can be added screw feeder, to facilitate personnel operations. It has good adaptability and mixing effect to the granular, powdery, muddy, paste and paste. It has good shape preserving property for the block. It has the functions of forward and reverse rotation, automatic feeding and automatic feeding. Material function. With a low cost Mixer works: the material to be cut into the hopper to be mixed, start the machine through the mixer in the hopper is reversed, the material mixed even after the reversal of the material can be removed. Can be positive and negative conversion, greatly improving the mixing effect.
Mushroom self-propelled spice feeder Features:
1, the use of simple and convenient operation, saving time and effort;
2, the machine is flexible and durable;
3, low failure rate, easy to repair and maintenance;
4, a high degree of automation, stability and strong;
5, with automatic high and low rake material, stacking height is not restricted;
6, labor intensity is lower than the traditional machine 60% above;
7, the efficiency is higher than 70% of traditional machines.

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